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H.E.CO. Cube is the right answer.

For large communities or small urban areas, for private or public use: H.E.CO. Cube is the right answer. The modules of H.E.CO. Cube find space in many different contexts and with multiple purposes. They can be applied to all those off-grid situations where it is necessary to produce electricity, heat or cold, such as in the case of greenhouses, farms, livestock farming, cold chains, as well as isolated residential areas, rural food industries areas and many other situations.

There are many advantages for small communities or those undergoing growth:

  • Possibility of meeting the basic needs for the energy of the community;
  • Possibility to find the necessary biomass for the operation of H.E.CO. Cube directly on site (0 km);
  • Increase in jobs in places where biomass is found;
  • Low impact on environment and lower polluting emissions;
  • Ease of use and management;

In the most advanced European countries the use of H.E.CO. Cube is translated by the advantages for individuals and their families:

  • Cost-effectiveness and profitability of the investment;
  • Better energy efficiency with the same used biomass;
  • Lower spending on heating, cooling and electricity;
  • Availability of biomass in the form of pellets or chips in the accessible point of sale;
  • Possibility of autonomous management of the machinery;
  • Low impact on environment in terms of harmful emissions as well as visual, acoustic and olfactory pollution;

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