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The Project


Every project comes from an idea and every idea stems from a need.

In an historical moment like the present one, where sustainable development in its all forms has become an emergency, and can’t be extended unless finding solutions that make the economy increasingly circular which has become an imperative.
Conscious that it is necessary to look at the future to find answers to the problems of the present, professionals and experts in the field of renewable energy, agriculture, training and sustainable development have created the H.E.C.O. Cube.
Bring electrical and thermal energy exactly where you need it, without waste.
Use biological waste resources to produce it, with a very low impact on the environment. Promoting social and territorial development through the creation of new jobs and the reutilization of biomass from wood recovery materials.
These are aims of the work of engineers and entrepreneurs who believe in the potential of the bio economy and who have chosen to develop the solutions of H.E.CO. Pack for the benefit of anyone who needs energy.
So that, small communities grow and bigger ones can return to a more respectful use of environmental resources.

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