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1What is biomass?

The word biomass identifies all types of organic matter derived from the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis (for example wood waste, forestry residues, vegetable oils, etc.), from which it is possible to extract renewable energy by direct combustion or by extraction of syngas (synthesis gas).

2What does the Heco Cube module do?

Thanks to Heco Cube it is possible to transform the stored energy into biomass, destined for disposal in landfill site or dispersed by traditional combustion, into energy that can be used for primary purposes such as the production of electricity and heat.

3How does Heco Cube work?

The "mind" of Heco Cube is a programmable logic controller (PLC) able to independently manage all the chemical and physical regulations that allow the correct and autonomous functioning of the system. The result is that for every produced KW of electricity, Heco Cube generates 1.5 KW of energy in the form of heat, which can be used in many situations.

4How does the gasifier module behave?

The gasifier, is the heart of Heco Cube, is engineered to guarantee the highest levels of thermodynamic efficiency, to exploit the properties of biomass in the best possible way.

5What does the generator module produce?

For the production of electricity, Heco cube relies on an endothermic engine designed specifically to be powered by syngas, coupled to a generator. The Heco Cube generator has been designed to create the best operating conditions for an electric generator, guaranteeing a syngas with constant flow quantity and with a great heating power;

6How can I find the most suitable module for my needs?

H.E.CO. Pack performs an energy audit according to your needs to establish the correct dimensions of the H.E.CO. Cube Module to be installed, then proceeds with the installation and start-up of the system.


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